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It had been the first time in months she had seen other people besides the slightly older women she shared a cell with. It had been an accident when she was taken. Her car had stalled and she had gotten a cab late at night…well she thought it was a cab. The next thing she remembered, she was being thrown in a cell with naked girls and was given a new name. Baby Doll. She fought like hell every step of the way, only able to hope that her brother as looking for her.

Fay screamed, her arms jerking against the metal restraints that kept her pressed against the wall as a jolt of electricity ripped through her. The lights were harsh and almost burned at her pale flesh but the rush of adrenaline made it almost impossible to care. “Let me go! Now!” She screeched, although it quickly became muffled as she was gagged.  

"this was a hard, catch. She’s a feisty one but with training will become a good slave. Works hard…everywhere." A sick chuckle escaped the auctioneer and Fay couldn’t help but grin as all the possible ways to kill him came to her head. 

"We’ll start the bidding at 900 pounds."


One man in the audience leant forward as the young girl was jolted with electricity, a small, but noticeable, smirk twisting the corner of his lips. It had been a while since he’d joined one of these auctions - over a year in fact - and the last one had resulted in him buying a charming woman around his own age. She had been an absolute pleasure to have around, but as ever, hardly lasted long enough to sate his appetite. The blonde was now sitting in several pieces in the Thames; the river was his favourite place to leave body parts.

But it wasn’t the girl’s pain that caught Nathan’s attention this time, no… It was that grin that was plastered across her dumbstruck face - that was something else. Something he had to have. It spoke of something a little more than the typical broken, spirit-less expressions the others wore, it said that she had a different thing - strength - inside her, and that was what he wanted. Nathan wanted to break that.

The man’s tongue played across his teeth and upper lip for a moment, and he glanced across the row in which he sat. None of the others seemed interested at first, waiting of course for somebody else to bid before determining if she was worth it; that was always how it went, and Nate was no different. But this time, he bit the bullet, and raised his hand slightly. He nodded minutely to the auctioneer as somebody increased the bid, continuing to do so as the price rose through the thousands.

Sharp canines dug into the flesh of his tongue as he sucked air through the gaps in his teeth, the curve of his lips betraying a smile as the room fell silent. Hmm… I’d expected more for someone so… delicate looking. The man’s dangerous gaze dropped for a moment to the woman strapped across the wall, taking in the gentle arch of her neck, the almost classic slope of her breasts beneath her shirt - he leant forward to rest his elbows on his knees. Yes, Baby Doll was going to be his. Sharp tongue ran along his upper lip once more before touching gently to the steepled fingers held in front of his mouth.

"Eight," He murmured, catching the auctioneer’s eye and smiling.

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"Righ’… Yeah got a vague recollection of that stuff, go on…"


"Well, there are others. Like Vampire-Human children are called ‘Dhamphirs’ and Demon-Human children are usually called the ‘Anti-Christ’." She pursed her lips in thought. "From what I’ve heard, there are ‘Werewolf-Vampire’ hybrids that don’t have a proper name yet. I’m sure there are more." She made a dismissive gesture.

"You pullin’ my leg, love?" He offered a slight smirk before continuing, the concepts of so many ‘mythical’ creatures flooding his mind. "Seems unlikely that vampires ‘n’ humans’d fuck, without one decidin’ the other was lunch," Nate shrugged one shoulder and tilted his head. "Wait, ain’t that what that shit film’s about?" A grin played across his lips.

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"Think you might ‘ave to, darlin’… That what that shit was that night you found me— Uh?"


"A bit, that’s the sort of hybrid I am. Angel-Human hybrid—which is called a Nephillim, you’ve read the bible and know a bit of mythos yeah?"

"Righ’… Yeah got a vague recollection of that stuff, go on…"

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nathanbough liked your post: “You lot do realize there is more tha…


"Oh dear, I’ve got to educate you now, don’t I?"

"Think you might ‘ave to, darlin’… That what that shit was that night you found me— Uh?"

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I always get grumpy sad when my best friend comes to visit for the weekend and then has to leave.


I wish we could just manifest a house and live there forever - never have to work - just play and have fun. 


[I literally did not see this til now, because my tag never updates me.

I love you <3 ]

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Thur-MUN-sday idfk

[Dis slut-faced ho-bag. <3]

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Whenever I write ‘Bough’ in the future, you know I’m thinking Nathan ‘POW’… HE ONE RILED UP CRIMINAL… 


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An outing… and a brush with pikeys.

[I have not felt the level of seething rage that just ran through me in such a long time - almost worthy of wishing Nate into life and calling him in to slit their dirty little necks.

Really? A group of pre-pubescent fourteen year old skets trying to start a fight with ABraceofPartridge and I on a bus… Like grow the fuck up. I honestly thought I was gonna lose it, and if it hadn’t been for my bff there, I probably would be on my way to an assault charge by now >___>

My baby defends me <3

Name calling I can deal with, but when they start throwing shit at us, and spitting stuff into my hood… They can go lay in a shallow grave. 

I wish I could get across the intensity of my anger. >:C ]

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I love you to the moon and back

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"I was planning on us having a bit of fun on the plane over…"

"Well in that case darlin’, where’s my ticket?"

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"We’re going to Switzerland, it’s about time you saw my home."

"Alright sweet’art, as long as I get to ‘ave some fun while we’re there…"

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